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Remote U.S. base at core of secret drone operations – jorwrit

I think that drones are effective weapons, but I am concerned that their use without adequate open legal or doctrinal rational opens an undesirable precedent for other forces which begin to start using them (we just saw Hezbollah send one over Israel). Also, it fails to yeild the intelligence that capturing jihadi leadership once did.

I also think that blowing up a jihadi after he has done enough to make a presidents’ hit list is way late in the game. We need to change the concept of “engagement” from metal on flesh to “an argument meeting a mind” at an earlier stage through cell phones, media, public discourse, and private voices contering the radicals’ recruitments where they live, they should get that argument right when they step out of the Mosque where they got the radical sermon …..coupled with positive material rewards, far cheaper and with more bang per buck than a pricey smart missile….

The other end of the video games…….



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