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Ahhh Breakfast a.k.a Best Recipe EVER. – YouTube

Kinda reminds me of Rocky Balboa’s boxer’s training shake….but for slackers ! It’s what’s for breakfast! How many burps can you get in before the heart attack? (Personally, I think it could use a little Hershey’s syrup…..tablespoon of vanilla, egg, 1/2 jigger dark Rum, sprig of Mint (just to satisfy the health food lovin’ part in all of us…you know it’s in there, Dude, lure it up! with something fresh and green !, tell ’em I told you to, if they start to laugh ! Remember, Healthy Living has to start from where you’re at ! …)…)

Approved by the Manana Diet Plan…Celebrating Today, because tomorrow we diet !

Not with a whimper, but with the whrrrrrrrrr of a blender !



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