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IPCC draft leaked, game-changing admissions on climate

Short: man made CO2 is not principally driving climate change.

For some time the role of Solar Variation in climate change has been downplayed. This is because only the variance in radiation has been considered, and it is not enough to account for the change. But since the late 90’s it has been observed that solar flare variation affects the ionization of the upper atmosphere, and these ions serve as cloud seeds, so that the amount of cloud cover varies directly with the solar flare activity.
The clouds then affect the earths “whiteness” , reflectivity, or “albedo” as the scientists say, Like a white vs black roof, clouds change how much solar radiance the earth absorbs and how much it reflects back into space. This amplifies the climate change effects of the solar flares. There is almost a 1 to 1 effect of cloud cover and solar flare activity over the earths oceans, ( land areas are more complex)
This is sometimes referred to as the “Danish Heresy” after the Danish scientists who first observed it and proposed it as an alternative explanation to CO2 as a climate change driver. Such use or religious terminology tells us a lot about the nature of the debate.

Those seeking the social change the CO2 explanation demands, have been extremey reluctant to admit this scientific evidence (dare we call THEM deniers?) but now are just beginning to acknowledge it, here in this leaked draft of the AR5 IPCC ( United Nations) climate report from those who have been most intent on promoting fear and exaggeration.


Graph below showing the high correlation of sloar ionization and cloud cover, from the Danish scientific report here:


More on Cloud cover and ionization, and the CO2 models’ failures

Now who must play Galileo to the Church of believers? “He doesn’t even believe in….” You’re right, I “believe” nothing… !
This controversy is about political power, a rational for controlling economies, not science or climate .
I believe only that:

“Man … can never be absolutely certain that his inquiries were not misled and that what he considers as certain truth is not error. All that man can do is to submit all his theories again and again to the most critical reexamination. Mises


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