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SpaceX Texas Blast Test Unit

Disappointed the last SpaceX Tour didn’t include the Texas Engine Test facility? I was !
When I was fifteen I got to stand 18 inches away from a J79 jet engine (F104 StarFighter power) in full after burner power in boltrd down static test, putting out 18,000 lbs of thrust (the roar of the wild bull, they called it) ,
There is a 3 ft “safety area” where you can stand between compressor stages and be less likely to take a knife like compressor blade hurled out should the engine come apart at 60,000 RPM ….fortunately an alert hand grabbed me before I stepped too close to the hurricane suction inlet…. Of course I had to get to engine test after being told I wouldn’t be allowed to for safety reasons:

Note to parents: If you really want a 15 yr old boy to try for something, tell him it’s something men can do but he can’t…..

Now C’mon Baby, light my Fire !


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