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School as Detroit

Barry, couldn’t help but feel emphathetic when you talked about the schools depopulating, I’m sure a lot of good people are being hurt. But i also couldn’t help but feel “It’s about time!” My mother tells me I left for school saying “I’m going to torture, I’m going to torture” and later in life she said she wished she’d taken it more seriously.

When you mentioned your excellent math and geometry teacher, I thought “Yeah, and how many students can he reach under the current ed model? ”
Meanwhile Sal Khan is reaching 10 million students with his low end videos…

I’m sure you’ve heard it all before, but this just reflects so many experiences……I’ll post some positives later….

from Instapundit


I currently work in education in Los Angeles as a researcher and grant evaluator. This often requires me to be at school talking to teachers and students, administering surveys to students, etc. I was actually a school in South Los Angeles (formerly known as South Central) today and I saw an instance of this exact problem: a fifth grade teacher (female) chastised a boy while she read a survey to the students. His crime? Being on question 12 while she was reading question 7. The boy was completing the survey faster than she was reading aloud, and was chastised because he was, in her words, “not with the rest of the class”. Something must be done.

I used to get in trouble for the same thing. Do female teachers want to keep the group functioning more as a group? It would be interesting to see some research on this.

UPDATE: Reader Michael Trigoboff writes:

I was a boy in school.

By the time I got to fifth grade, I was sitting in the back of the room reading science fiction most of the time. Every so often, I’d look up and see what they were up to, catch up on the concepts, and then go back to reading my book. I was doing fine in school, and it wasn’t as boring as it had been before I figured out I could sneak a book in.

One day in fifth grade the female teacher decided she wanted me not to read and to pay attention instead. She was teaching about the four-cycle internal combustion engine. The intake valve opens as the piston moves down, then it closes and the piston moves up to compress the mixture, etc.

Since I had to listen, I got curious about something. “What makes the valves move?” I asked.

You never saw such an expression of sheer terror. She had no idea. I’m sure it had never even occurred to her that there must be something that moves the valves.

I wasn’t trying to freak her out. I was just curious. But not in a way she could handle. After that, she let me read my book in the back of the room…


Outside the Box – The Keynesian Depression

Outside the Box Weekly Newsletter

The Pan AM Era

This is an hour long history of Pan American Airlines, also the bookends of an American era…It is particularly poignant to me because in 1941 my parents met on Miami Beach when my father was the youngest pilot flying for Pan Am (at 20 yrs of age, his chief pilot said “just don’t tell anyone how old you are” ) working out of the Dinner key Marina shown in the film, and my mother was a 24 yr old widow working as a Pan Am dispatcher, driving a Robins egg Blue Duesenburg convertible (an older one, a ’32 later stolen) and dating an Argentinian formula one race car driver, going to the Jai Lai games and dog and horse races…..and taking flying lessons herself…after the war, my father started his own aviation business….

New SAS book tells story of the regiment’s WW2 heroics | Mail Online

WWII SAS unit war Diary, discovered in 1999, made public for first time…. (The book “Who Dares, Wins” was a teenage favorite of mine)


Contemporary Visionary Culture and the Chapel of Mirrors

Talk about Dream visions…. this is long and can drone a bit. but it is an amazing tour of contemporary Visionary culture and how the Sacred Chapel of Mirrors came out of a Dream……mostly all new to me…..

Area 51-Burning Man (2012) – YouTube

Great short Video captures the spirit:


)'( Who regulates Burning Man?

Interesting stuff. Gary

Begin forwarded m

The future of Burning Man could be at the center of another potential
legislative push in Carson City, this time at the hands of local government
associations seeking to bolster local control over events that happen on
federal land.

Burning Man organizers have been embroiled in a federal court battle with
Pershing County since August over a county-backed special events ordinance
they argue is unconstitutional and could lead to Burning Man leaving Nevada.

Pershing County officials, meanwhile, have argued they have the right to
regulate the eight-day event in the Black Rock Desert, which is already
overseen by federal regulators.

The newest political push comes from the associations that represent Nevada
cities and counties. They’re asking local governments around the state to
support potential legislation that upholds “the right of the local
governments to ensure activities that occur on these lands is compliant with
local land use, zoning, special event and public health and safety codes…”

On Wednesday, Reno Mayor Bob Cashell said the city should not support any
policies that hurt Burning Man, which is a week-long arts and free
expression festival. Burners on their way to the event often stop in the
Reno-Sparks area to buy supplies, leaving behind an estimated $15 million in
the local economy.

“They spend a ton of money when they come through here,” Cashell said. “If
this is going to affect that we need to oppose it.”

Councilman Dwight Dortch said the City Council would normally support
legislation that gives more control to the local government.

“My concern is if there’s an ulterior motive to it,” he said before the
council declined to support the proposal pushed by the Nevada League of
Cities and Municipalities and the Nevada Association of Counties. The city
of Reno is part of The Nevada League of Cities and Municipalities.

While Washoe County Commission hasn’t addressed the policy position pushed
by the two groups yet, the county already has a policy of not regulating
events that are held on federal land.

San Francisco-based Black Rock City LLC sued Pershing County in August over
the special events ordinance that could eventually increase Burning Man’s
law enforcement costs from $400,000 to $1 million.

The law would also allow Pershing County sheriff deputies to regulate
“obscene, indecent, vulgar or lewd” behavior, potentially forbidding
children from attending Burning Man and banning nudity at the event.

Burning Man organizers argue the ordinance would violate their First
Amendment rights. They also dispute the county’s ability to regulate the
event because it’s already permitted by the U.S. Bureau of Land Management.

Pershing County officials have argued the ordinance is necessary to help pay
for public safety costs created by the event and its more than 55,000

Pershing District Attorney Jim Shirley said county commissioners “are in
support of anything that gives the county more autonomy and discretion in
regards to BLM land.”

County officials have asked a federal judge to dismiss the lawsuit. If it is
not thrown out then a trial is tentatively set for Sept. 24 in Reno,
according to federal court documents.

Meanwhile, Assemblyman David Bobzien, D-Reno, has a placeholder for a
potential bill that, “Prohibits local governments from enacting ordinances
restricting events and activities on federal lands.”

So far he hasn’t introduced any legislation on the matter.

State Sen. Don Gustavson, a Republican who represents Pershing County, said
he is not aware of any potential legislation that would support Pershing
County in its battle with Burning Man organizers.

He added he’s often hears about the concerns of illegal drug use out on the
playa and understands why some people in Pershing County no longer want the
event happening in their jurisdiction.

“If it’s to help the county to help better control events on federal land I
would probably support,” he said.

Jeffrey Fontaine, the executive director of the Nevada Association of
Counties, said the organization isn’t proposing any legislation at this

“We’ve been in touch with Assemblyman Bobzien and folks from Burning Man and
we are waiting to see what the language in the bill is and we’ll take it
from there,” Fontaine said.

Bobzien and Burning Man officials did not return calls for comment Thursday.



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