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Flamenco on the Streets of Madrid – YouTube

Oh Yeah, put it in the street, …


Extinct Fish found at Pyramid lake

BMan fans can relate to this…..Prehistoric 20 lb Lahontan trout found in Pyramid Lake….I usually try to camp/swim one night at the lake before my week + in the desert….http://www.nytimes.com/2013/04/24/us/lahontan-cutthroat-trout-make-a-comeback.html?ref=science&_r=1&

Senators question Napolitano on Tsarnaev’s trip to Russia – The Washington Post

Russian intelligence warned the US that bomber was a dangerous Islamic radical most of a year before the attack, This doesn’t fit the narrative put forth that they were just alienated youth without broader motive…..


Tankcraft: Building a DARPA tank online for fun and profit | Ars Technica

Roll your own….


Gamification and the Future

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557474 540847629260370 2065889754 n

A MOST SIGNIFICANT: Understanding human nature through VIDEO GAMES and using the knowledge for Business and Educational attention grabbing for   Revolutionary Engagement…


It’s All In Your Dreams 4 – YouTube

Life changing Dreams…There for the listening…


Visionary Latin Artist….” Pachama”

Visionary Latin artist…great….