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What does economic collapse look like?

Japans situation :

Why Japan is willing to take the current high stakes gamble: (You may want to skip down over the chit chat and history on the site)

I (Mauldin) have written previously (TTMYGH January 29, 2013) about the unfolding Global Currency War; but this week, Bank of Japan Governor Haruhiko Kuroda unleashed a set of monetary measures so extreme that I feel certain April 4th, 2013 will come to take its place in the pantheon of great April 4ths……..

The only relevant question is whether Abenomics and incendiary levels of QE by the Bank of Japan make will this crisis better or worse.To critics, I can only ask: what is Premier Shinzo Abe supposed to do? Just stand in front of a bullet train and wait for it to hit?The argument that doing something that is certain to end badly is better than doing nothing …….


And how the web looks from a US perspective:

How’s that coffee tasting ?


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