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More Memorial Day

A good story and it stuck in my mind when he said one of the guys went on to be a Four Star General

Especially when I noticed who was in this one:


More heresy-Global Cooling

The science is settled SETTLED S E T T L E D I S A Y ! OFF With the heretics heads !


Memorial Day

I got to visit Washington’s Delaware crossing site on my trip to my 50 th reunion…
23 who died of illness and starvation just before the battle of Trenton on Christmas Day, a turning point of the war…..all unknown except the one….and note his age……


A geat bio Singularity

From introductions going around for Singularity Hub members, a public group following Singularity University topics…

XCOR Aerospace — An Innovative Route To Space (Part 1) – YouTube

XCOR’s space airplane laid out….

Online Masters in Comp Sci

The door swings a significant crack wider…..


Flash from the past Dr. Timothy Leary explains his MIND MIRROR computer program. – YouTube

He was a brilliant psychologist….