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UnCollege Is Hiring! for new Prog

Uncollege starts “Gap Year ” self guided learning program…



Attention Filmmakers: Amazon Studios Wants To Turn Your Short Into a Feature. Here’s How. | Filmmakers, Film Industry, Film Festivals, Awards & Movie Reviews | Indiewire

Just in case you haven’t heard film opportunity…..


Positive control sounds Negative… a solution?

I think we have to ask “What are we protecting?” Our founders did not choose safe lives, they could have had that under the King. They choose free lives “Give me liberty or give me death” seems to have disappeared these days. When Bush or some other Gov official says the most important thing is to protect us, I say no, the most important thing is to protect our liberties. That said, I realize a nuke going off in an urban area would have a very negative effect on our liberties.

Any one may be a terrorist, but not everyone will be a terrorist. If someone is running for the End Zone with a nuklear football under their arm, we don’t want the authorities to have to go through a lot of red tape to tackle them. But such targets will be few. We don’t have to let the cops tackle anybody anywhere whenever they want to counter such a few. Laws like RICO are passed for specific crimes, then expanded and abused by law enforcement to prosecute the general population.

I propose that law enforcement get numerically limited “Hunting Licenses” for less restrictively, and instantly, going after a few people for specific purposes. The use of such a license would be reveiwed to see if it was appropriately used, and more issued only if it was, or the error corrected.

This doesn’t address general surveillance, but such data should be anonymous except where algorithms indicate a high risk individual which should then require a warrant. As for individuals who “Know too much” that raises some interesting issues. To what extent should we have “Power of Domain” over individuals lives, the ability to restrict their freedoms, as is currently done for the travel freedom of Top Secret clearance holders, or to completely enslave them?, for the “Common Good?” a pretty slippery slope, I’d say.

If we’d al be “safer” in WWII style Japanese interment camps, would that justify putting us in them ? Jordan Lederer

On 6/21/2013 10:12 PM, Jim Morris wrote:

WOW UnCollege & Accredible: Online Hackademics Showcase Jorwrit

After watching the “Internationalizing Education Debate” I posted earlier, I looked up the Uncollege one of the panelist has started…. I was very impressed, especially with this self accreditation part, which i think also outlines the possible elements of a portfolio type evaluation of students from regular K-12 grade schools….

This is a movement toward asking what are this individual’s interests, talents, skills, abilities and accomplishments?- and getting a credible, extensive and easily comprehended response -rather than focusing on what brand chair did he park his butt in…. One that accredits and empowers the online learning opportunities being presented to everyone around the world (at least those with computer/ internet -smartphone access, which is rapidly becoming most of us…)….

When I was considering my son’s opportunity to go to a good boarding high school, a friend remarked “It is important to remember that you can do well in the best of schools and still have only 20% of what matters in the world.” (Thanks, Soula Saad!) That has stuck with me, as a profound truism of formal education’s limits.
Accreditation like this gives us access to a lot of the other 80% of what matters….


Read the UnCollege Manifesto onsite, (under about us) and

This list of online resources from UnCollege is stunning !


Internationalising Higher Education

A very interesting ed debate….The last part questions best…

.supportive human relations can occur from other than teachers, looking at Mitra’s use of “Grandmas” in his work show this. Social interaction, as in Mitras work, also shows, can occur outside schools. …

“Education is about the inspiration, the bond & the trust between the students, teachers & parents” my educational experience, at supposedly “good” schools, quickly dissipated any such feelings with my educators…

I’m reminded that as steam replaced sail for ships, for a time it was common for vessels to carry both…and the quote about horses was particularly apropos


Oculus VR Gets $15M in VC Funding – Virtual Reality Much More Likely to Go Mass Market

VR Headset gets funded


MAJOR: Best I’ve heard on ed tech self-teaching – YouTube

This is astounding….It is what I’d hoped to see, and was very disappointed not to see it, with the “one child one computer” project. India often seems at the forefront of development innovation…

Compare what’s happening there with this from an 1800’s book on education: Go to page 12 and start with the bottom paragraph: (I can’t figure out how to copy it)