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WOW UnCollege & Accredible: Online Hackademics Showcase Jorwrit

After watching the “Internationalizing Education Debate” I posted earlier, I looked up the Uncollege one of the panelist has started…. I was very impressed, especially with this self accreditation part, which i think also outlines the possible elements of a portfolio type evaluation of students from regular K-12 grade schools….

This is a movement toward asking what are this individual’s interests, talents, skills, abilities and accomplishments?- and getting a credible, extensive and easily comprehended response -rather than focusing on what brand chair did he park his butt in…. One that accredits and empowers the online learning opportunities being presented to everyone around the world (at least those with computer/ internet -smartphone access, which is rapidly becoming most of us…)….

When I was considering my son’s opportunity to go to a good boarding high school, a friend remarked “It is important to remember that you can do well in the best of schools and still have only 20% of what matters in the world.” (Thanks, Soula Saad!) That has stuck with me, as a profound truism of formal education’s limits.
Accreditation like this gives us access to a lot of the other 80% of what matters….


Read the UnCollege Manifesto onsite, (under about us) and

This list of online resources from UnCollege is stunning !



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