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TEDx Bassett – Schools of the Future – YouTube

An excellent vision of the positive direction of evolution of education, from the Head of the Independent School’s assoc. a couple minutes will do..


G generation Kids and video games

How video game tech is changing minds for the better….

Skylon Single stage to orbit Spaceplane with Sabre engines prototypes are expected by 2017 and engine flight test by 2020

Hybrid spaceplane funded for 2017 tests…… Skylon looks like the ones in the comic books we grew up with ….glad someone’s getting it right… !


Where I got my Decca nickname from


Ned Homecoming

Here’s the official notice: Back from three years in the Peace Corps in Mongolia…
(on Paradise Lane in Topanga, near Los Angeles Ca)

Grand Theft Auto Vs education – YouTube

So…any you kids wanna shut that off and diagram a few sentences with me here on the blackboard……. 4 min.


WOW Understandable talk- impact quantuum computing 17minYouTube

WOW makes quantuum computing understandable, and the singularity (when the computer in your hand has more power than your brain) seem like an oncoming headlight….