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Skydive Burning Man , Base jump Big Sur…

I came back to LA through Big Sur, camped the first night just inland of Bixby Bridge…I was looking at the sunset through the bridge when I saw a parachute open about a third of the way up from the bottom of the canyon the bridge spans…..”Holy Cow ! Somebody just base jumped the bridge! ” A moments hesitation and I just knew I had to drive down and meet the jumper……a couple of guys were standing by a trail waiting and I joined them, but the jumper had come up under the bridge and already had his chute stuffed into half the backseat of the car before we saw him. He walked over to us “How’s the adrenaline count?” I inquired “Up there ” He said or some such….. “I’m ******* “(anonymity is the best face for base jumpers to extend to authorities) the young man looked into my eyes and extended his hand for a shake. “Jordan” I replied… “A friend used to rappel off that bridge in his spelunking days” I offered. “Oh, you’re the guy in the VW Bus”, one of his companions replied. They were in pretty much of a hustle to clear the scene before any possible complications, and drove off with a wave. I returned to my level camp area with the phrase “Pirate athletes” filling my mind…..

We talk about people people breaking away and living their dreams and passions, I felt I’d met, and revisited, a few on this September’s journey…

Just in case you missed your opportunity……I notice a distinct lack of gray hair in those lifts…..any volunteers to fight stereotypical agism?……Nice notes at the end…..the last reminds me of the phrase that got me to my first Burn in ’93….”You’ve GOT to go…all the CRAZIES will be there….”…and still are… as someone said: “If you have crazy friends you have everything…”


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