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New Royalty -Their status is APPOINTED OFFICER, your status is…..

From: http://www.michaelyon-online.com/images/pdf/guidance-for-shutdown-furloughs_OPM.pdf

United States Office of Personnel Management – memo explains whose pay gets” furloughed”…..

“…….Presidential appointees are not subject to furloughs because they are considered to be entitled to the pay of their offices solely by virtue of their status as an officer, rather than by
virtue of the hours they work. In other words, their compensation is attached to their office….”

i.e. not whether they do any work….

“…….A leave-exempt Presidential appointee cannot be placed on nonduty status. Thus, the appointee’s pay cannot be reduced based on placement in nonduty status, including via the
mechanism of a furlough. As explained above, a leave-exempt Presidential appointee is
entitled to the established pay of the position based on the holding of the office, not on the
hours of duty”

Do they have to sign the check, or is it just an auto deposit?

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