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Best Burn Decision

The Decompression Party or Decom is a local Burner party for those who can’t bear to go cold turkey back into the “default world” (i.e. the word you get if you don’t make any changes). A woman asked me how it compared to the real Burning Man and I said like a mouse to an elephant. But there is virtue in smallness, one is able to interact with principals in a way that is more difficult when they are surrounded by thousands of participants. For instance, I was able to speak to this years Temple artist/architect about the details on how he prevented it from becoming one giant sail sliding across the playa,(4 foot swamp -auger- screw in anchors bolted to 1 inch base plates at the ground contact points) I got invited to check out his studio in Culver city, in the L A area.

At one point I found myself talking with a man my age (67). He described the most scientifically made decision I have seen yet, on the question of whether he should go to Burning Man.

He had been thinking of going in 2008, but had been uncertain. This he resolved by attending the 2008 Decom, where there are about 1 to 2,000 burners, and asking hundreds of them, young and old one simple question “What did you get out of going to Burning Man.?”

There were many answers, but as they accumulated two became prominent…. One was from those who said “I learned to give.” and another was from those who said “I learned to receive.”

He thought “Who doesn’t want that !”

So he attended in 2009, and has been going ever since.

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