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Sikorsky X2 Receives 2011 Collier Award – YouTube

Amazing machine. Thank you, Jordan.


Music Composing for state of mind and productivity- YouTube

Music Composition for optimal well being and performance 10 min

The Stunt Man Peter O’Toole, Barbara Hershey, Richard Rush: Movies & TV

To celebrate the passing of Peter O’Toole: The movie he liked best…..The Stuntman….read the K Harris review a couple down…

One Toke Over The Line – Lawrence Welk – WTF! (1971) – YouTube

Yeah, It was that way….

▶ 1 Page Human resources a new way- YouTube

Thousands of resume’s for each job ?I knew it was a problem, but not this much of a problem…..and moving from education labels to actual capabilities and a brilliant example of a problem turned into an opportunity….

Ray Kurzweil and Eric Drexler discuss nanotechnology – YouTube

A shorter version of how nanotechnology has the potential to radically alter the efficiency of manufacturing, producing abundant material goods for all humanity with less planetary resources.

How we can bring the developing world to our standard of living

I panned this the first time I saw it because the speaker is so wooden, but drama less as he may be, he is the founder of a field of Nano production and what he says has the most profound implications for increasing material abundance across the world.
A million times more product out of the same amount of resources, at a billion times faster production rate….
As Salomon Khan said, the graduates of MIT are the wizards, the Gandalfs, of our age……. (If you want shorter, go to minute 11) Ted talk….