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Swords : Complete History of Swords (Full Documentary) – YouTube

This was a worthwhile movie length on the Sword….


Blacklight power 10 MW Generator | BLP

Still controversial because it requires new qualities of physics, but supposedly demonstrated Jan 28 in private…80 million put into it…..hype? or revolution…

Play the video over and over while listening to the audio in the lower bar…


Afghanistan: Outside The Wire – YouTube

Excellent Canadian video journalism on the difficulties of Afghan civil development.. tv length

State Dept Contractor of the Year Survives! – Online Survival jorwrit

A survival story from the State Department’s Contractor of The Year (best at end of part 2)


The Sisterhood – ALL FEMALE Terrorists in Dagestan – OKSANA KAREYEVA – YouTube

Prep for the Olympics….

Airmen -who and what

While writing up my childhood experience with the S C Air National Guard, I came across these aptly illustrative videos….


And more importantly, who’s in them…..

Enjoy Eating Saturated Fats: They’re Good for You. Donald W. Miller, Jr., M.D. – YouTube

I’ve been pushing this for years, since my statin research, it’s nice to feel vindicated…..J If you think animal fats are bad for you, you need to see this…