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What’s inside a wind turbine? – YouTube

What’s in a giant windmill on a stick? 9 min



: Fishing with a hand grenade 30 sec

Birthday: Mini BIO 3 min – Steve McQueen – YouTube

Airplanes and motorcycles…..It’s his Birthday anniversary (3 min)

The Joys of the Vanagon Camper | Car Camping | OutsideOnline.com

Yea, but it’s still a vana and not a Bus…..(short)


Incredible !- Surgical Nanorobotics now!- 10 min YouTube

I had no idea nanorobots had progressed this far…..10 mind blowing minutes….



Peter Diamandis – The best way to predict the future – YouTube

The TED length version of my favorite Peter Diamandis we watched last night at salon: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DRp3DfRI3bA

Here’s the long version, my favorite video, it’s on my “University Mine” youtube list which I put together with the idea of “If I were going to teach a course on the paradigm changes of the current world with youtube videos, what would I put in it?” So you might want to look around at some of the others on the list side bar….I’d recommend “Viral video manifesto”, “Gamification” and Sugata Mitra ‘s especially…..

My favorite(I’ve watched it 8 times) Peter Diamandis…”The best way to predict the future is to invent it” movie length-


Quantum Life: How Physics Can Revolutionise Biology – YouTube

Does Quantum entanglement in bird brain tissue facilitate their navigation abilities?…..a little eggheady but mind blowing….1 hr