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A personal vow & The absurd and lethal restraints of the Vietnam War- YouTube

This is much more than the story of a plane, it is the story of the absurd and lethal politicisation of the war that assured it’s futility… I was in the Army at this time, I didn’t even know of these restraints, yet I saw many similar examples that moved me from wanting a military career to taking a personal vow never to place myself under military justice again…..
While most of my colleagues regard Vietnam as a mistake, I personally see it as a keystone in the winning of the cold war from a geopolitical perspective. While absurdly fought, the resistance to communism via proxy war until after the sino-soviet split in the early ’70’s was vital. The Indonesian ruler himself said he would have gone communist if the US had quit Vietnam in the 60’s, and Kissinger was about the only one who could understand the effects of a bombing campaign in Vietnam on the subsequent disposition of soviet troops in Egypt. TV show length…


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