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Brussels fears European ‘industrial massacre’ sparked by energy costs – Telegraph

The price of Green….


Your Dollars Have An Expiration Date

An interesting perspective……

Ghost Wagens

Some pretty cobby splitties, and probably a group big enough to have enough spares! 7 min


A little retro vacation advice: North By Northwest – 1.5 min YouTube

A little retro vacation advice by one of the masters: 1.5 min


Photos That Will Make Your Stomach DropBored Daddy | Bored Daddy

Where’s my bucket list……


How the climate debate got “settled” Climate Science:

How to settle a debate…..with the vast majority in agreement….


Nic Askew | Humanity Seen ยป Reimagining Education

Intro to the results of 100 million in research by the MacArthur foundation……7 min