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Ned and Nadya’s Wedding Celebration





At last got it and am passing it on to you! I hope you enjoy it whether you can come or not ! If you can, let us know… guests can also camp overnight at this lovely spot with partially complete Frank Loyd Wright house on the Malibu cliffs, no need to drink and drive….


The Publishing Business Is In Crisis(always)

Some interesting insights into the publishing business you’ll probably enjoy unless you’re in Love with Hillary………. http://pjmedia.com/lifestyle/2014/06/20/the-publishing-business-is-in-crisis/

Graf Zeppelin 1929 Around Globe Trip, Full Documentary – YouTube

In some ways this seems very modern, in some eternal, in some like a Jules Vern novel….but a fascinating glimpse into a history we seldom consider today, and the first woman to fly around the world……… movie length


My first car was almost a Hudson Hornet – YouTube jorwrit

My first car (my Grandma gave me $300) was almost a Hudson Hornet, I always wondered about its history because while it was shaped like this one, it had a two tone paint job, bright yellow on the front fenders and sides, reddish purple hood and topsides….and it had large hounds tooth check (checkerboard with jagged corners) yellow and purple upholstery…..one snazzy mover…..a gambler’s maybe? ….but it was too used up…. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ygPu_-gVXfg

How to secure your overland vehicle: by Wonderous World – YouTube

Some good ideas, a lot of work and heavy looking…aluminum if I could afford it… .I noticed the people spending a lot of time in vans’s in Mexico all had large dogs….it’s more about the memories these days…


The most elegant airplane that never flew – YouTube

Another vision of my favorite replica project…. 4 min


Bugatti – The Blue Dream Will Finally Fly – YouTube

The story of the Bugatti 100 P racer and research fighter plane. The now completed airframe is currently on display at the Mullen Museum in Oxnard, along with their world class collection of Bugatti automobiles and artwork. It still has to have the engines installed 4 mjn