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▶ My Mom and Area 51-Burning Man (2012) – YouTube jorwrit

I don’t think my Mom was as traditional as you may think… she always valued gracious Southern manners but after the death of her first husband, who I never heard of till an adult …. She had a very independent phase…She was working as a dispatcher at Pan Am Airlines making up the flight crews, which is where she met Dad who entered as their youngest pilot (age 20 ). She was driving a Robins egg blue Duesenberg convertible, fond of the horse races and Jai Lai Fontons, ad Cuban juice bodegas and Coconut Grove night district. She swam the channel over to South Miami Beach on midnight swims, dodging the Barracuda, she was taking flying lessons, and dating an Argentinian Formula One race car driver when she met my Dad. She wore Scarlett to their small civil service wedding….
There have been mavericks and rebels on both sides for generations…(Dads family came over after an unsuccessful coup against Bismark)

Just to prep the mood for the honeymoon …


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