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that’s so good


Just take a look at this stuff, it’s really good, more info here website

Best regards, dan

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To: dan@venusplusx.org
Subject: Cute picture 🙂

I’m sure youve done this but I have to ask, did you reboot the phone? Throttling can be like our suspensions or data blocks, once removed a reboot will usually get it working. If youve already done that then get tech support on the phone. There has been a delay with autorestores on non pay accounts lately and its possible might be the same type of issue. Regardless, we do not and will not throttle you like this so just be a little clearer next time you call in, they may have misunderstood. 🙂

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☢funny stuff

Dear friend!

Please take a look at this cool stuff, it’s so funny! I just couldn’t stop laughing, check it out http://bit.do/dxrv9

Regards, dan