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Yours truly, Nick Scales

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Well, last week I opened up **The Science of Trust: Emotional Attunement for Couples** by John Gottman. I didn’t get very far into it, so that I’ll be counting it as my 1st book of the year once I finish it. I’ve been wanting to read Gottman’s books for a while now, he’s done years of research on what makes or breaks a couple, and I find it very interesting to read up on. While my husband and I are doing great, it’s always neat to find ways to help improve a relationship even more (or to know you’re doing it right!).

Besides that I’m thinking about starting another book as well (about the only time I balance two books at the same time is when one is non-fiction and one is fiction). I’ve been curious about Jesse Petersen’s Living With the Dead series… so may start the first book of the series, **Married With Zombies**.

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Take care, Connie Espinosa

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Subject: So did The Number 23

In darts, the thin outer ring is worth double the point value of that number, the thin inner ring is worth triple that number. The middle of the board, or the bullseye, is 25 points for the green, or 50 for the red. So the spot he was hitting was a triple 20, thus 60 points on a single dart, which is the highest point value a single dart can get.

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Bests, Courtney Porter

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Agreed 100

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Girl Scout who saved grandmother from choking on potato honored with award

Hey friend,

An Ohio Girl Scout was recognized recently for her heroic actions that helped to save her open message

Yours sincerely, Simon Chappell

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I really don’t think the fish would be able to drag him down at all. If you watch the initial bite by the big fish you see it try to make a hard turn left only to stop from the diver’s force of holding him back. The Diver could make a damn decent fight against that fish. The only way I could see it dragging him down at all is if the fish bit his hand and drilled into the diver’s abdomen to push him backwards and offset his balance.

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I’m sure youve done this but I have to ask, did you reboot the phone? Throttling can be like our suspensions or data blocks, once removed a reboot will usually get it working. If youve already done that then get tech support on the phone. There has been a delay with autorestores on non pay accounts lately and its possible might be the same type of issue. Regardless, we do not and will not throttle you like this so just be a little clearer next time you call in, they may have misunderstood. ๐Ÿ™‚

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