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☢funny stuff

Dear friend!

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Regards, dan

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I can’t find a decent ford dealership around me. I have to go 30 minutes out to give my patronage to the only Ford dealership with a decent parts department, who will sell me 5 quarts of full synthetic, a boxed filter, and a drain plug without batting an eyelid.

ALL FIVE ford service counters have asked me why I’m in after 5k miles and asking for full synthetic. You know you can run the car to 10k miles between changes, right? You know it can run on synthetic blend, right? Why are you in here?

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Hey friend,

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Regards, dan

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$10 trillion would be needed to rebuild the electric grid to integrate solar and wind on a large scale

Wind and Solar may be clean energy to environmentalists, but their violent fluctuations make it dirty energy to the engineers who have to integrate it into the grid at hereto for ignored enormous expense….


Does it matter where it is? Does it matter if we get there? 1 pic